Facebook is a classic love-hate relationship. Affection the communication with family and friends. Hate all the nonsensical blockage up the word feed. Fortunately, there are a few really easy paces you can take to control your Facebook experience.

1. Auto-playing videos

A year ago, Facebook decided that its users demanded videos in their News Feeds to start playing automatically when they scrolled past them. Bad. Facebook users were understandably unnerved. Not exclusively was it irking to suddenly get blared with hubbub, but videos use up cellular data related to mobile gadgets.

Turning off auto-playing video is simple-minded. For the Facebook website, go to your Facebook profile. Click the downward arrow in the upper-right region and select “Settings.” At the bottom of the left article, clink “Videos.” Then next to “Auto-Play Videos, ” select “Off.”

In Android, open the Facebook app and sounds the icon with the three horizontal arguments to the left. Then scroll down to “App Settings” and sounds “Autoplay.” You can define it to represent “On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections, ” “On Wi-Fi Connections Only” or, my personal favorite, “Never Autoplay Videos.”

For iOS, open your Facebook app and at the bottom-right angle tap “More.” Scroll down and sounds “Settings” and then “Account Settings.” Find and tap “Videos and Photos” and under Video Settings tap “Autoplay.” You can name it to frisk “On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections, ” “On Wi-Fi Connections Only” or “Never Autoplay Videos.”

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2. App notifications

Tired of a Facebook game app you installed years ago still sending you notifications every other time? You can easily turn off app notifications if you know where to looking. In point, you’ll likely want to remove most of your apps solely because they can share your datum with the app developers.

To find your installed apps, go to your Facebook profile and sounds the downward arrow in the upper-right corner. Select “Settings” and in the left line sound “Apps.” You’ll look every app you’ve ever invested on the left.

Hover over an app and sounds the pencil icon to edit its belongings. You can choose what information it can know about you and whether it can send you notifications. You’ll want to change it to get only the simplest report probable and change Notifications to “No.”

If you want to delete the app, levitate over it and click the “X” icon. While this won’t delete any information that it has previously amassed on you, it will stop it from rallying more. Learn more about how apps collect information and how to better protect your privacy .

3. Block News Feed announces you don’t want to see

Do you have friends who announce dozens of things on Facebook every day, but theyre chiefly shares from political, potty humor or muse sheets? You don’t wishes to impede your friend perfectly, but you’d rather not accompany those announces you don’t care about.

If your friend is perpetually sharing from the same sheets, you can actually obstruction those sheets precisely. Click the downward arrow in the upper-right area of the announce, and select “Hide all from … ” and you won’t experience any more announces from those pages.

If you time want to stop find affixes from your friend without un-friending him, sounds the downward arrow and select “Unfollow … ” You can re-follow him afterward by going to your Facebook profile, clicking the downward arrow in the upper-right region and adopting “News Feed Preferences.” Then sounds “Reconnect with parties you unfollowed, ” espouse people you want to re-follow and click “Done.”

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