Alan Turing, computer scientist, first posed the question in 1950.

Since 1950, there has been immense progress. Today, computers are able to defeat chess grandmasters and enable marketers to analyze overwhelming customer data.

This is an era of social media marketing that is witnessing the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

When marketing and Artificial intelligence is combined together, it helps marketers explore the world of social media marketing and can generate leads like never before.

Everyone Knows What AI is

AI is the technology of computers that has the ability to mimic human intelligence. It is capable of voice recognition, image recognition, intelligent machine learning and semantic search.

Yes all know it very well, but how are marketers applying AI to make their marketing work better?

How Does AI Apply to Marketing?

AI has already stuck the world of marketers.

Social media marketing is about analyzing customer data which is humongous and complex. You should hit hard on repetitive work and should evolve marketing with the help of Artificial intelligence.

The rise of AI should not be seen as a war between man and machines. It is essential to find the fine balance between man and his digital assistants to effectively carry out the repetitive and analytical tasks that a machine can perform easier and faster than humans.

AI will be used to enhance the jobs that humans do thereby giving more time for marketers to focus on customers and offer personalized services based on analysis conducted using AI.

Learn how artificial intelligence can be applied to social media marketing.

Most of the organizations have a team dedicated or working heavily on pay-per-click advertising. It is also possible that it could be outsourced to an agency at a heavy cost. But the fact remains that it is managed by humans.

General tendency of marketers is to utilize the pay per click advertising using facebook or AdWords. Combined with AI, marketers will be able to find more and better advertising platforms. AI powered tools can be utilized to analyse, manage and optimizes paid ad campaigns. The tools help to find best channels to deliver ads to your preferred audience.

Where once humans had to scan through photographs, AI is now able to do it with the help of machines. Computers, now, have the capability to identify images from an ocean of faces on social media.

Marketers can search images that relate to their brand with the application of AI. By using images that has people in it, brands surely going to generate more engagement and will be shared and liked on social media.

When there is an eternal struggle to create content, marketers are able to utilize AI to find images that has no hashtags or keywords, but are related to their brand.

3.Increased Conversion Rate

With AI, each visitor’s activity on your site can be analysed. It can analyse thousands of data points such as visitor location, device used and other demographics. Based on the analysis, AI suggests the most suitable offers and content that can be targeted to the visitor. Push notifications can also be personalized and also timed at the right time with an appropriate message to suit each visitor.

Marketers cannot check each and every activity that happens on their website, and here AI is of immense use. AI powered tools can identify when data suddenly stops on your website or when there is huge traffic. AI tools help marketers to generate reports on overall performance of your site.

Social media marketers constantly struggle to curate engaging and relevant content. Content curation refers to finding, organizing and sharing high quality content to their target audience. It takes away marketer’s significant amount of time and energy.

Artificial intelligence comes to your rescue. It has the ability to collect data relating to your target audience, that includes their choices, what they read recently, questions they asked relating to a product, etc. With this ocean of information, marketers can curate content that is relevant to their audience. Ultimately it helps marketers to not just create content, but helps to offer relevant content at each stage of sales funnel.

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As it turns out, there is no more proof required to accept the uprising of AI in marketing.

With AI assistance, marketers are able to identify customers, curate content and advertise better. It just means social media managers can utilize benefits of AI to build a successful business.

How do you think you will apply Artificial Intelligence in social media marketing?

4 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing



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