Influx of scam calls frustrate Canadians across the country | CTV News

TORONTO – Canadians across the country have expressed their frustration with the influx of scam and robocalls purporting to be from federal organizations like the Canadian Revenue Agency and RCMP across the country.

For many Canadians, these calls involve a robotic voice that informs the listener that they are in imminent danger of arrest or a lawsuit, then proceeds to ask for personal information. Many Canadians report receiving multiple calls a day.

“Actually on Tuesday I got around six calls from four different numbers with the same message ‘your SIN is compromised and legal action has started’ blocked each of them, since then no more” one Twitter user wrote Thursday.

Another Twitter user said they had received several calls a day “for the past 6 weeks.”

A spokesperson for the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) confirmed to CTV in an email Thursday that these calls are “one of the top reported scams” that they deal with.

“They are international in scope,” the CAFC said, which means that “jurisdictional and legal challenges in collecting evidence” will be an issue, as law enforcement investigators will have to abide by laws in other countries.

The CAFC spokesperson added that caller ID “spoofing” makes it difficult to trace or identify the origin of the calls along with the use of “pre-paid cards and virtual currencies for the receipt and laundering of victim’s funds” adding a layer of sophistication to the scam which makes it harder for law enforcement to investigate.

In March, more than 60 scammers who were targeting Canadians in CRA scams were busted in a large takedown in India. The bust involved more than 40 illegal call centres in that country.

At the time, the RCMP stated they were “continuing to develop leads and information on the locations of these illegal call centres for enforcement purposes, in an effort to dismantle and disrupt these types of mass marketing schemes.”

It’s not clear if the calls plaguing Canadians recently originate from India.

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