Hey Lead.Name,

I found your fan page on facebook while I was doing some research for a client, and I noticed you have Lead.PageLikes and they seem responsive.
But I looked at your business website and nowhere to be found.

Hi, my name is User.FirstName User.LastName and I had helped a lot of small business owners just like you to have a professional website for their business that they can manage themselves once it’s live.


I saw you have no website and I thought you might want to change that but never got the chance to dedicate some time and effort in this.

Don’t worry it’s really not that big of a deal to have your website up and running, in fact, we can have it up by the end of the week.

Having an online presence these days is crucial for your business, so if you want to change that let me know when we can schedule a quick call or meeting and I will add it to my calendar.




User.FirstName User.LastName from User.Website
You can reach me on my phone (User.Phone) as well.



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