Liberals and NDP respond to election questions from Manitoba Metis Federation

Election Questions from the Manitoba Metis Federation to Federal Parties.


The Manitoba Metis Federation believes
that when the Crown and the Métis Nation’s Manitoba Metis Community have
dialogue, renew or build relationships, negotiate rather than litigate, and
find creative and mutually agreeable solutions, they can collectively advance
the constitutionally mandated process of the core values to Reconciliation.  

On November 15, 2016, the Manitoba
Metis Federation and the Government of Canada signed a Framework Agreement for
Advancing Reconciliation to establish a formal negotiation process to jointly
develop a renewed Nation-to-Nation, Government-to-Government relationship
between the Crown and the Manitoba Métis Community.  The negotiations between the Manitoba Metis
Federation and Canada under the Framework Agreement are active and ongoing.

Through this agreement, how
will your Government commit to working on a Nation-to-Nation,
Government-to-Government basis with the Métis to advance
reconciliation, implement resources into communities and renew the relationship
through co-operation, respect for Métis rights, and ending the status quo?

If elected, what action plan with
concreate objectives will your party make to uphold the core values of
reconciliation as they specifically relate to the Manitoba Métis experience?

Would this action plan include a
legislative framework for reconciliation?


The Manitoba Métis are continuing the
path to economic and social development and building strategic relationships. The
Manitoba Métis has seen significant investments and advances in portfolios such
as Housing, Economic Development, Health, Employment and Training. Forging
significant headway toward the redress of historic wrongs and the
self-determination of the Métis Nation.

If your party forms government, describe
how you would work in partnership with the Métis Nation. What supports
will you offer to assist us in closing the economic gap between the Manitoba Métis
and other Canadians achieve our rightful place as partners in Confederation and
further, contributing as economic partners in growth?


Manitoba Metis Federation recognizes a gap within the health care system and
Métis life circumstances which have produced a burden of illnesses (such as
diabetes, heart disease and shorter life expectancy) and an ongoing struggle
for the Métis community to obtain medications. The Daniels Decision
observes a clear obligation that the government owes to the Métis. The Manitoba
Metis Federation has taken a leadership role and administered its first
prescription drug program (PDP) under Métis Health Benefits effective November
16, 2017.

elected, will your government collaborate with the Manitoba Métis Government to
ensure the support, success and expansion of a Métis specific program to
enhance our Manitoba Metis Federation-initiated Métis
Health Benefits, including medications initiated to address and solve the
historic and continued health care crisis facing Métis Citizens?


The over-representation of Métis in Child and Family Services system has been
called a “humanitarian crisis” (Government of Canada) and is deeply rooted in
inter-generational trauma and colonial practices and policies. Studies show
that children in care have poorer outcomes and are at greater risk, of
homelessness, addictions, and involvement in the justice system. Systems must
change to improve the path for Métis children and families.  

If your government is elected, will
you implement Bill C-92 and in what ways would you work with the Manitoba Metis
Federation to transcend old and flawed models, reform frameworks for child and
family services, and support Métis families and their ability to stay together
and flourish? 


Languages connect us to cultural
history of identity and belonging.  The
Métis are well known as speakers of many languages. In addition to others the Métis
spoke our own language Michif. According the UNESCO Atlas of the Worlds
Languages a third of the world’s languages are considered endangered and have
fewer than 1,000 speakers left, including Michif which is critically

If elected, what supports would your
government contribute to the Manitoba Metis Federation community for a
distinctions-based approach to Indigenous language revitalization projects that
will preserve, promote and revitalize Michif, the traditional language spoken
by the Métis?


The final report of the National
Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls reports the
history of colonization has further generated a hierarchy of identity,
resulting in conflicts within the Métis community and drawing attention away from
the ongoing marginalization that Métis women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people
face.  The Manitoba Metis Federation is
working with the RCMP and Winnipeg Police to find information on unsolved
murdered cases, which includes a $10,000 open reward that would lead to
conviction or even the recovery of missing bodies to assist in the closure and
of healing for Métis families and communities.

elected, what type of resources will your government allocate to take the
urgent measures that are required as described in the National Inquiry into
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and how will you work with the
Manitoba Metis Federation to implement Métis-specific options?


Evidence-based perspectives and
scientists from around the world have warned that global warming will have
widespread economic, environmental and health impacts. The Manitoba Métis have
a vital connection to our lands and waters and are committed to participating
in a sustainable future to ensure our traditional social and economic Métis
rights are protected.  The Métis are
critical in making meaningful and effective adaptation and mitigation decisions
for current and future generations, and to help Canadian society move from risk
to resilience.

If elected, what is your government’s
climate change strategy to incorporate the Manitoba Métis through their MMF
Government to take preventive steps and strengthen our economy?

What specific investment will your
government make in our Métis community to mitigate and adapt to climate change?


Canada-Métis Nation Post-Secondary Education Sub-Accord seeks to
prioritize Métis Nation students and was designed to counteract the deep-rooted
injustices which have prevented Métis Youth from pursuing equal opportunities
in post-secondary education.

How will your government support the
MMF to help our Métis students attain their education and career goals?

If elected, will your government
commit to keeping the 10 year investment for a Métis Nation stream of ASET


duty to Consult and Accommodate with the Manitoba Métis is a Section 35
Constitutional requirement before decision-making is done by governments.  Consistent with Resolution #8, The Manitoba
Metis Federation is the first contact and facilitator of Manitoba Metis

elected, what will your government do to ensure full and proper consultation
and accommodation of the Manitoba Metis Community includes effective offset or
compensation measures regarding the development of crown land?

will your government do to ensure proponents undertaking major resource
development will fully, properly, and meaningfully engage and promote the
participation of the Manitoba Metis Federation?


In March 2013, the Supreme Court
recognized the obligations to the Métis people enshrined in the Manitoba Act:
“The unfinished business of reconciliation of the Métis people with Canadian
sovereignty is a matter of national and constitutional import.”

As the representative of Manitoba’s
Métis Community, the Manitoba Metis Federation’s objective is to negotiate with
Canada to reach a land claims agreement that will address this outstanding
constitutional grievance. 

you were to become Prime Minister, will you commit to negotiating with MMF to
Settle the 2013 land claim decision by the Supreme Court?

elected, what can you commit to the thousands and thousands of Metis across
western Canada that would change their lives and make them feel apart of


major topic of concern for the Metis Nation is the concept of Metis identity
and verification of Metis Citizenship. 
Many people have come forward in recent years and have used the term
Metis to identify themselves, these individuals or organizations are not
accepted by the Manitoba Metis Government because they are not apart of the
only and historic Metis Nation.   These
false claims open a floodgate of hundreds of thousands of people trying to
identify as a Métis, with a significant cost to the Federal Government,
cultural appropriation and damaging the representation of Metis rights.  

How will your government mitigate the recognition of individuals and groups who falsely claim Métis ancestry?

see Liberal Party Response Received October 7, 2019 (Download PDF document)

see NDP Response Received October 10, 2019 (Download PDF document)

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