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Image caption Jason Marshall told the jury he had no remember of what happened

Sadistic killer Jason Marshall, who was filmed murdering a person during a captivity sexuality hearing, has been to imprisonment for 39 years.

Marshall, 28, constituted as an MI5 agent before torturing and squelching 58 -year-old Peter Fasoli to fatality in his home in Northolt, west London.

Following the January 2013 onrush, he set fire to the bungalow.

Mr Fasoli’s death was put down as an accident until tapes of the assassination were found on his computer hard drive.

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Image caption Peter Fasoli’s death was filmed on a computer in his north London bungalow

On Tuesday, Marshall was sentenced to life with a minimum of 39 times at the Old Bailey.

Marshall tortured Mr Fasoli for “sexual gratification” Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said in sentencing.

After the killing, Marshall fled to Rome exercising fund and charge card stolen from Mr Fasoli.

He was expelled after being found guilty of suffocating a being to demise and attacking another man in Italy .

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