An unbelievable story behind the destruction of hurricane Nate all brought to light on NBC 15’s Nicole Fierro’s social media page.

Brittany Mcmanus relied on our Facebook Live video to see the destruction happening in Biloxi, only to find out her live-on boat Reliance was washed away in the storm.

“I was looking at it and I was like that looks a lot like our solar panels, that looks like our fenders and little did you know it was our boat,” Mcmanus said.

This isn’t just any boat, it’s the home McManus and her fiancé Scott bought and refurbished together in March.

“Everything is in there: from our family pictures, my shoes, my clothes, my purses and all of Scott’s tools.”

Scott is a Merchant Marine currently overseas in Morocco. While her fiancé is away, Mcmanus is currently staying with his family in Orlando.

“When he came back from sea we were going to move.”

In the meantime, Reliance was docked at Point Cadet Marina in Biloxi until Nate swept the city Saturday night, taking Reliance ashore in the surge.

“I feel lost I don’t know what to do,”

Mcmanus never thought she would lose her boat, but what’s even more unbelievable, this isn’t the first time she’s faced the devastation of a natural disaster this year.

“This will be the second boat that we lost we lost a Trimaran to Imra in the Florida Keys.”

Victims to the wrath of this hurricane season, not once, but twice.

“I know many people have felt this these last few months I never thought it would be me, but I am okay. My animals are okay, my fiancé is okay and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.”

Mcmanus called her fiancé alert him about what happened. She’s now making her way to the boat from Orlando.

Victims to the wrath of this hurricane season, not once, but twice.



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