Almost everyone has access to the Internet these days, thanks to technology getting more advanced and more affordable. Technology has given birth to a new generation of web users and the target audience has increased to a large extent.

Almost everything is available online these days. A large number of people prefer online shopping to ordinary store shopping. It is more convenient and hassle free. And because of that, online ecommerce websites redesign or build their websites in order to provide the best user experience.

If you’re the owner of a brand and if you’re planning to sell your products online on your own website, you need a cutting edge . Before that, you need to know what could possibly go wrong while building a website. Read on.

Without proper strategy, no business organisation can achieve its goals. Before building a website you need to know who your target audience are going to be. To do so you need to collect extensive user persona data. User persona data includes the following characteristics:

Demographics: Age, gender, occupation, education etc.

Web Graphics: Website experience, social media, favourites, usage frequency etc.

Also one has to keep in mind about the psychographic features like motivation, tasks and goals.

The website should be designed in such a way that the target audience are pleased with the web experience. If something goes wrong, they could have a bad experience and this could make a scar on your organisation.

Choosing The Right Domain Name

Selecting the right domain name for your website is crucial for determining the success of your business. The domain name should be easy to remember, read, and speak. The domain name should not be complex and should have high readability.

From an SEO perspective, it should be more relevant and contain business keywords. Make sure that your domain name is free from trademark and copyright issues.

Choosing The Right Design

Based on your target audience, the website should be designed in such a way that it should not look clunky and unorganised. The website design should match with the theme of the products you’re selling.

If you’re using the wrong theme, your customers start to feel uncomfortable while going through products. For example if you’re selling jewellery, the theme should be elegant and should provide a rich look. It should not have cartoonized or funky themes.

The audience are glued to a good content strategy. The content should be written keeping the audience in the mind. Content should be within the optimum word count, and should not be too less or loo long. There should be space for creativity apart from SEO pages. Use customer friendly language and do not over do it.

Google and other web crawlers have prioritized surveys and ratings in their positioning algorithms. Hence, making arrangements to acquiring fair evaluations and surveys bodes well in Web showcasing.

Social networks rewards high in positioning, and following the may help you to a large extent. Do consistent joining of social networks and share  your web content in a straightforward manner from the site. Place web-based social networking symbols at proper spots in the website. Without proper reach, there wouldn’t be much visitors for your website.  

Building a website on your own is a tedious process and requires a lot of procedures. Cost-efficiency is something that you should keep in top priority before building a website. You can hire website builders with high reputations and profound experiences.

If you’re looking for the right website builder for your brand, read on!

Using Shopify As A Website Builder

Shopify is one of the most trusted website builders used by a large number of top ecommerce websites. With Shopify you can impress your customers with a secure shopping cart and an attractive online store.

Shopify comes as an all-in-one package that includes everything that you need to build a website and start selling online. It’s easy to add a template design, add products and start accepting orders! It’s simple as that!

All transactions and card details used in Shopify are protected by the same level of security that are used by bank websites.

You can have complete control over your website design, navigation and content.

You can also integrate your product shipping with major carriers, and provide customers with shipping information.

Creating the right kind of website for the right kind of product has never been easier with Shopify. With Shopify as a website builder, you can set up your business and start accepting orders in a matter of seconds.



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